Madeleine Copp, Mooney on Theatre:
"Opera Luminata succeeds in its four soloists: soprano Shoshana Friedman, mezzo-soprano Jennifer Elisabetta Centrone, tenor Pablo Benitez, and baritone Marco Petracchi. Each singer is integral to the performance. Plunked on-stage and given their solos, it did not matter if I had context for their songs.

There are few opportunities to have an epiphany about opera music, a complex artistic statement that can often defy even the most knowledgeable in the audience, but these four singers simplify the music. When they are given space to shine – like Petracchi in his version of Votre Toast, or Friedman in The Last Man In My Life—you can’t help but get swept away. They take down language barriers, destroy the need for plot, and let you live the moment."

Nicholas Catania, The Theatre Reader:
"With popular selections from such pieces as Phantom of the Opera, Carmen and La Traviata, audiences are presented with a classical collaboration of absolute operatic enjoyment. In addition to the tremendous vocal ensemble, the production features an array of pyrotechnic effects to amplify many of the outstanding selections from the piece.

The entire ensemble is astounding. Soloists Shoshana Friedman, Jennifer Elisabetta Centrone, Pablo Benitez, and Marco Petracchi deliver pure performances of tremendous vocal talent. The specific emotions conveyed from Benitez and Friedman invite audiences into the truly emphatic world that the opera celebrates and withholds. Centrone’s beautiful performance of Bizet’s “Habanera” from Carmen is a stand-alone reason to attend. Overall, the production highlights a selection of both canonical opera and theatrical pieces. Each selection harmoniously blends, while complementing the essence of both music and performance."


OPERA Luminata

 Opera like you have never seen it before

Paula Citron, COC Podcast review


This astonishing evening ended exactly as it should, with a standing ovation both before and after a joyous encore that had the audience clapping and singing."

"It was absolutely fabulous!!! what an ingenious idea, combining opera with pyrotechnics!! The performances far exceeded our expectations!!! We both enjoyed ourselves immensely!!"

"WOW! WOW!....just WOW!"

"Saw the show and it was awesome...absolutely fantastic, puts a whole new spin on opera. Still get chills when I hear Shoshana sing."

"What a fantastic evening. We didn't want it to end."

"I have to be honest, I didn't want to come because I don't like opera, but my husband insisted and I am so glad he did! As a matter of fact, I can't wait to see it again!!"

"It's about time someone did something fun with opera!! Bravo!!"

"I laughed, I cried, I cheered, I sang. I was thoroughly entertained!!"

"One way to describe this show is pure beauty. Congrats to all on a fabulous show."