“Every single one of these people, where necessary, went for the high note and 'money note' and made it!"

"You have this 'Cirque du Soliel' of opera!”


Paula Citron,

COC podcast review

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What Critics Say About Us

  • Pyrotechnic special effects
  • Dry ice
  • Lasers
  • Atmospheric effects

"Saw the show and it was awesome...

absolutely fantastic, puts a whole new spin on opera."

"I laughed, I cried, I cheered, I sang. I was thoroughly entertained!!"

“There are few opportunities to have an epiphany about opera music, a complex artistic statement that can often defy even the most knowledgeable in the audience, but these singers simplify the music.... you can’t help but get swept away. They take down language barriers, destroy the need for plot, and let you live the moment."


Madeleine Coop,

Mooney on Theatre

"This astonishing evening ended exactly as it should, with a standing ovation both before and after a joyous encore that had the audience clapping and singing."


Meet the crazy group of extremely talented people who had this idea that opera and classical music could be just as fun and entertaining as any other musical genre .... and have proven it!

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The Team

OPERA  LUMINATA is not just for people who love opera.


It's for people that love to be entertained.  

The Magic

By incorporating some pyrotechnics, lighting and atmospheric effects.... well,we just added a little magic.

Audience Response

OPERA Luminata

 Opera like you have never seen it before